Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Board Game

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Swim the three mermaids to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch in this easy-play spin-and-move cooperative kids game from Peaceable Kingdom. Kids learn strategic thinking, cooperation and social skills.

Spin the spinner and move a Mermaid the number of spaces it lands on. If it lands on the Sea Witch, move her forward one space. Landing on a Wand Piece allows you to move the Sea Witch back a space. Don't let the Sea Witch land on a space with a Mermaid or she goes back to the start! Continue play until ALL the Mermaids are back safe.

Best Toy Award Winner by Good Housekeeping

Includes game board, 3 mermaid tokens, 4 wand tokens, sea witch with stand, and spinner.

Ages 5+
2-6 Players
15 minutes